1. Q: What label material does SKILT labeling machine use?
A: Self-adhesive sticker.

2. Q: The machine is automatic or semi-auto?
A: SKILT only produce automatic Labeling machine.

3. Q: Which kinds of labeling machine suit for our products?
A: Pls supply the labeling products and label size ( product pictures with label on it is rather helpful), then we will recommend the suitable machine for ref again.

4. Q: The machine can connect with the product line or not?
A: Machine connect with production line or operation alone all ok as you need .

1. SKILT Labeling Machine voltage will made as client country voltage.

2. Conveyor length and height can customized as client special requirement.

3. Machine main device all can adjustable depends on client different labeling objects.
4. Printer device can add on each kinds machine, print date and batch number on labels for 5 lines, which is in heat transfer printing way.

5. If client have special requirement for Electrical accessories brand, pls supply is ok.

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